Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction | Exton, PA

Elin M. Bierly's areas of expertise include: Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction.

Over the course of 20 years of providing psychotherapy services, Elin has observed that when individuals pursue psychological development or spiritual growth exclusively, the spirituality is sometimes not well integrated into the functioning personality – and that spiritual maturity can seem to lack authenticity in that it does not produce transformation, as hoped.

Elin's spiritual experiences and psychological training have convinced her that psychology and spirituality can be described as existing along a continuum of inner life that overlaps for the greatest part. Using this inclusive approach in the psychotherapeutic process helps to move an individual toward an acceptance of all life experiences, including trauma and non-productive personality traits and tendencies, integrating these with an individual’s ever growing relationship with the great goodness of his or her divine creation.


(Biology plus Life Experience)

Inner Life


(Relationship with the Divine)


Spiritually oriented psychotherapy is rooted in the belief in the basic goodness of each individual, as a unique expression of God’s love. The safety of the therapeutic relationship can provide an important spiritual and psychological foundation, holding steadfast amidst the concerns and fears of the individual as she/he delves into the disowned or disliked aspects of the personality, and begins the process of integrating wounded and least lovable aspects of self, into the best and highest functioning parts of the self. Life experiences which have been hurtful or abhorrent can subsequently be experienced as rich mines by which our wholeness and authentic self is restored. Perfection is not necessary in order for an individual to experience peace of mind and the beginning or return of a zest for living -- which is happiness, or heaven on earth.

Mission: To provide a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship within which healing and transformation can occur.